Tapas Cafe Music

At Tapas Cafe we play music from all four corners of the earth. We play Spanish music, of course - from flamenco to jazz - but also play a lot of other Latin music, particularly from Cuba. Some of our favourite artists at the moment are: Chano Dominguez, a brilliant flamenco/jazz piano player from Spain; Cesaria Evora, the "barefoot diva" from Cabo Verde; Tinariwen, think electric blues guitar from the Sahara; Maiyito Rivera, one of the hottest Timba singers from Havana; Pink Martini, the ultra eclectic 14-piece band from Seattle. I could go on and on...

Tapas Cafe Art

We have just hung a new collection of pictures by Elsie Evans. Visit Elsie's web site at: http://www.elsiepaints.com/. Elsie also runs an art studio where she teaches and provides a friendly and supportive environment where people can paint and draw http://www.attic-studios.com/.

The picture above shows Elsie's last exhibition at Tapas Cafe.

Scroll below to see a selection from her new exhibition: